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4Ground Ltd, Unit 35 Deverill Rd Trading Estate, Deverill Road,
Sutton Veny, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7BZ
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Latest News

Here at 4GROUND we are working hard to bring you imaginative high quality model kits and wargames accessories, each week sees us bring new items to the 4GROUND web site.   Sign up to our 4Gnews newsletter to be kept informed of all new developments (there you will also be informed of access to special limited offers and new model kit beta testing).  As a 4Gnews subscriber you will also have the option at times to help influence the direction of our future projects and product ranges.

4Ground at Shows

We have been so busy designing new products, we are unable to say when we can attend any shows in the next few months. But have no fear, though we can not go to shows our products will.

We sent out the scouts and found the Colonel. Coming to our aid in this time of need, he is the perfect recruit to showcase what we do.

May we introduce Colonel Bill, a regular on the circuit with a great selection of pre-painted and second hand figures. Now Colonel Bill supplies more 4GROUND products than any of the other show traders can offer.

So if you're at a show look for Colonel Bill and you will see 4GROUND models - he has lots!If your lucky Ben, Adam & Holly may also make an appearance for you to talk to them and ask any questions you may have.

Click here to see if Colonel Bill is at a show near you.

You Tube Review of The Rorke's Drift Set That Has Our Buildings

Take a look at this on You Tube from the Beast of War Forum. Here's a snipit of what they said "all the laser cut terrain goes together really easily....it's there own build quality holding them together which is really good....of this laser cut terrain that I've seen this is maybe the best one"

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